Escribir un libro puede financiarte tus viajes como Nomad@50+

Passive income.

At this point, it really sounds like a cliché, right?

The idea of ​​the digital nomad working from exotic beaches all over the world Daikiri in one hand and laptop on the other has become a true stereotype!

Forbes has even described the dream of passive income as a “dangerous fantasy.”

But isn’t that what we are all doing with our retirement?

We work through life so that we can live our future in more or less decent conditions with the money we saved in our past.

In other words, future Me benefits from an important source of passive income received from past Me.

And I think that in this case, our friends at Forbes, might have it all wrong.

Thanks to technology, more and more people are living totally or partially on passive income.

How do they get it?

Well, they don’t get it overnight.

That is indeed a fantasy!

Living on passive income requires a significant investment of time and money.

Investment that once made can generate significant monetary benefits.

But no, wait. Let me explain.

It is not just a matter of making an investment.

It is a matter of investing smart and accompanied by the best.

What is unquestionable is that your chances of getting that additional source of income today are much greater than they were years ago.

Yes, even at fifty!

And with that additional income, can you imagine how far and wide you could go?


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What kind of digital activities can bring you passive income?

Well, from creating a blog with possibilities to be monetised, to selling quality photographs online, YouTube tutorials, Amazon products, offering online courses, working with affiliates, and yes, writing one or several books.

The subject that I wanted to talk to you in this article before losing the plot!

But what are you going to talk about in your book?

Imagine the possibilities!

Are you fond of fiction?

All you need to do is rewind some of the events of your life, and you’ll probably find a story to tell.

Everyone – we all have fascinating stories.


Escribir un libro puede financiarte tus viajes como Nomad@50+


Today, we are used to being served stories at an unprecedented speed.

The world is thirsty for stories.

Of course, before deciding on the subject, there is something you have to measure very carefully: the interest that may exist for the type of book you have in mind.

That’s why it’s important to jot down the main plot points and share them with people who are part of or would be your ideal audience.

And why not capture unique aspects of all that professional knowledge that you have accumulated for so many years?

Self-help training books sell very well.

Or maybe you know an unknown destination and want to talk to the world about your passion for that place?

Or their culture?

Their gastronomy?


Traveling itself is a source of inspiration!

Travel and surely a thousand ideas come up!

The possibilities are endless.


You’ve never tried writing before?

Never mind.

Try it.

What really matters is to find the time and place to get yourself in front of a screen and start writing.

And if you really want to do it, trust an editor to guide you through the process and during the publication stage.

Just one thing.

I don’t want to oversimplify a process that is not really all that simple.

Writing is not easy.

But it is also true, and I say it with just a little bit of knowledge on the matter because I’ve  been writing for over a decade, that the more you write, the better you’ll become at it!


What steps should you follow when writing your book?

It depends.

We are all different and have different processes.


Escribir un libro puede financiarte tus viajes como Nomad@50+


Jerry Jenkins, the author of more than 190 books that have sold more than 70 million copies, suggests that we follow 20 steps:

1. Organise a space for writing.

2. Prepare your writing tools.

3. Divide the project into parts.

4. Decide your GREAT idea.

5. Build the structure of your work.

6. Establish an immovable writing schedule.

7. Set a date to end the book. That date is sacred.

8. Embrace procrastination (seriously!). You can even schedule it.

9. Eliminate distractions.

10. Do your research.

11. Start identifying yourself and calling yourself a writer.

12. Think about the reader first and foremost.

13. Find your writing voice.

14. Write a captivating introduction.

15. Fill your story with conflict and tension.

16. Turn off your internal editor while writing the first draft.

17. Persevere through the marathon that is the middle part.

18. Write a resounding ending.

19. Become a fierce self-editor.

20. Find a mentor to guide you through the process of editing, publishing and marketing.


But watch out! Because as Jenkins himself warns us, it is easier to abandon the project than to finish it!

In addition, the Jenkins scheme is a mega simplification of a complicated process on which it has been written a lot for centuries!

I just want you to see that if you’re beaten by the writing bug, it’s worth a try.

Perhaps you have more time now, in your 50+, right?

Why not getting up an hour earlier in the morning and using that time to start writing?

Of course, you could!

But then what?

Then comes, for me, the most complicated process.


Finding an agent or publishing house to believe in you!

Can’t find anyone?

Fortunately, today there is another option.

It’s called Amazon.

With Amazon, the reader has the option to buy your book through a system known as Print on Demand.

That is, Amazon takes a percentage of the price you charge the reader, and the book giant prints it on the fly when the sale is confirmed.

Very easy for you. Very easy for the reader.

Even so, keep in mind that everything that glitters is not gold.

Selling a book on Amazon requires certain knowledge of digital marketing and commitment in social media.

But, if you like this sort of thing and are interested in marketing online, this can be an interesting option for you.

You can also leave the promotion in professional hands.


So, did I do it?

Have I managed to encourage you to take that first step?

Have I inspired you to create a source of additional income to finance your adventures at 50?

Maybe my three books will inspire you even more! (Sadly, they are all in Spanish!)



I’ve written three books.

And you can too!