Who's behind Nomad@50?


Analogic cameras, paper journals, stamps, retro photographs, remote destinations…Do you feel at home?
Because this blog has been especially designed for you.
Yep, you!
Isn’t it time someone gave you the protagonism you deserve?
Let’s show the world the Nomad@50 community still can make
(and wants to make!) a lot of noise!

I'm Tere!

Although, when they ask for my name in coffee shops, I always tell them my daughter’s name, Ari. I never liked my own! To me, it feels like I’m a character in one of Almodovar’s movies!

I’m a wanderer and an observer. I love to read, listen to and watch stories unfold. And I love to write stories.

My first journey overseas was at the age of 15. I left my native Barcelona and travelled to London to learn English. At 20 I left for Africa and detoured towards Asia.

Thirty-three years later and I’m still out and about!

Sometimes on my own, others with my partner Elias, and others with my two wonderful children, Ari and Aidan.

Recently, a friend said something that stayed with me:

“You are the only one”.

“The only one amongst our friends”.

“The only one among the people in my social circle”.

The only what? I asked without catching his meaning.

I couldn’t believe it and said: it can’t be! There must be someone else!

“With the type of freedom that you have? I can’t think of anyone!”

“You are the only one who can travel whenever she wants”.

“The only one that can work from anywhere in the planet”.

“The only one who is not accountable to anyone”.

And that conversation made me think. Somehow, he was right! Most of the people in our social circle – 50+ all of them – were tied up:

to a specific job.

to a single location.

to mortgages, loans, repayments, etc.

to a system that compelled them to work like slaves to ensure their pension in a not-to-distant future.

But I wasn’t.

As a copywriter, content creator and author, I am extremely fortunate to be able to travel from anywhere I want in this planet.

My children are all grown up and they love travelling as well.

I’m not tied up to a single location.

But somehow I’m linked to many.

And the question I asked myself that day, looking at my tired and worried friend was this:

Why should I be the exception?

Why do we have to follow the rules of a system that has us dancing to its whims all our lives?

And so that day I said F the system!

And that’s how that day I decided to give new life to an old project I created in 2011 while walking around Wakatipu Lake in the incomparable Queenstown (New Zeland).

And No-mad became Nomad@50

Yes, sure, Tere, lots of travelling, but what about your qualifications?

Who are you to give anyone advise on all these topics?

A really good question, the answer to which is this:
I’m just a real keen been! (as my daughter would say!)
I’ve always loved to learn new skills and bring new projects to life!

I graduated from NSW University (Sydney) with a BA (Honours) in Asian Studies.

I have two post-grad degrees: one from the National University of Malaysia in Intercultural Communication and English Language Studies. The other from Macquarie University in Sydney, in Translating, Interpreting and International Relations.

I’ve done endless courses on Copywriting, Travel Writing, Science Fiction Writing, Mindfulness, Fitness… and top all  this knowledge hotchpotch, I’m also a qualified chef!

 I’ve written three books (sorry, they’re in Spanish!): El Portal de Everett, Gastromarketing and Mindful Copy.
And I’ve ghostwritten an uncountable number of books and articles in both languages.
Right now, I also manage www.cocostationstories.com, the only digital agency with a focus on the escape industry.

But for over ten years now, I’ve been telling stories that open doors.
Stories that build businesses and facilitate dreams.
And that’s exactly what I hope to be able to continue doing with Nomad@50.
Opening doors and making dreams come true! At 50+!

So, if you were looking for a sign, I'd llike to think I’m it!

If you were trying to find a reason to start thinking about yourself (finally!) and change your lifestyle… I’m your reason!

If you’re sick and tired of making sure everyone has their dreams come true but yours, join the Nomad@50 community!

I want to inspire you not only to pack your bags and travel more often.

Because that kind of inspiration you can find it in any of the millions of travel blogs that appear and disappear every day in Internet.

Nomad@50 wants to introduce you to a new way of living.

Us Nomad@s50 live to travel. And travel to live.

We free ourselves, in as much as possible, from the impositions of this system and we create a healthy, happy and minimalist path that leads us to unknown destinations.

We create a system around us that allows us to travel and live respectfully.

It allows us to travel and live slow.


It’s true – Being a Nomad@50 implies certain risks.

But as good old Carl Lewis used to say, avoiding risks is denying one’s right to experiment half of the emotions we are capable of feeling.

If you want to start enjoy this wonderful planet and your life to the fullest, you might need to take some risks!

And you might need to start saying no to others and yes to yourself!

So if you want to start writing a new and exciting chapter in your life at fifty (or sixty or seventy…!), join me.
Join Nomad@50!
And F the system!
Write your own path.
Without fear.
Be the Nomad@50 you have inside.
At last.