You’ve been beaten.

I can see it.

You’ve been beating by the nomadic bug.

It had to happen!

You’ve been working all your life.

You’ve convinced yourself that it is what it is…

You tell yourself over and over again that you have to fight with all your might to get your kids the best possible life.

And yes, that’s very true.

But does it always have to be that way?

Your kids are older now and they are doing their own thing.

So, what about your dreams?

Don’t have time now… you’re working hard to save for retirement!

But why?

Who knows how you’ll feel then!

Why not take a gap year now?

I know you’re considering it because deep down you know it’s now or never.

It’s time to start thinking about you.

It’s time to start enjoying this wonderful planet we are so fortunate to live in.

It’s time to get rid of all limitations and start traveling through unknown destinations.


But you care about finances.

“If I struck the lottery, I’d pack my bags right now,” many of my friends over 50 tell me all the time.

And my answer is this: you have a one in 14 million chances to get the jackpot.

If you keep waiting for that chance you could be waiting until the cows come home!

Personally, I’d rather not take that chance.

What alternatives do you propose? my friends usually ask me.

And this is my answer:

Make the most of technology to transform your life and become a Nomad@50 as you please.

Free yourself from the mentality, “it is what it is” and design the life that you want to live in the fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond if health allows it!

But, let’s go back to your main concern: finances.


How do you finance your Nomad@50 lifestyle?

To begin with, keep in mind that every person creates his or her own version of that sort of lifestyle.


Hombre en bicicleta ante un puente


But, overall, the Nomad@50 is a responsible and respectful traveler with him/herself, with the lands s/he visits and with the people s/he meets.

That generally means avoiding excesses (although there’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence here and there!) and travelling in the most minimalist way possible.

And by that I’m trying to make it clear that the kind of travel at 50 that I propose…

The lifestyle I propose…

It can be easily funded if you are smart and take advantage of the tools available to you today.

What tools do I mean?

The following suggestions are just the beginning.

There are plenty of options available out there that will allow you to transform your life now and make that dream you’d put away for so long.


How do you finance your adventures around the world when you are over 50?

1. House sitting or Pet sitting

You mind someone’s home in another country while they travel and help them take care of their pets, water their plants or any other household task.

They have the guarantee that your house will be in good hands, and you have paid accommodation.

How do you get this kind of deal?

Go to platforms such as, and

hombre paseando perro en una calle urbana



2. Volunteering

Travel to specific locations with the aim of contributing and helping local communities. You can teach languages, build houses and schools, etc. In return, you get accommodation., and are trusted platforms that can guide through the process if this seems like a good option to you.

3. Work as a volunteer at an Organic Farm

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a broad network of non-profit organisations around the world that connect you to local farmers.

The idea is that you work on a farm for as long as you want and be rewarded for your work with accommodation.

This is not only a wonderful way to get to know truly beautiful places (Argentina, Cameroon and Nepal, to name a few), but it also presents you with the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the local culture.

And on your days off, you can go on excursions in the area and get to know the locals much better.

.vacas en una granja organica

4. Work remotely while travelling

I know it’s not always possible, but why not ask your boss to work online?

Many of the current jobs require computer work that can be done from anywhere in the world.

We’ve convinced ourselves that if we are not present and controlled by our superiors, we will not comply.

But in reality, we waste a lot more time in unnecessary meetings, chatting with colleagues, and doing redundant tasks.

In addition, as a person over 50 years of age, you’ve surely proven that you are responsible and meticulous with your work!

Wherever you are.


There are even some companies out there like Remoteyear that organise work options for people who want to travel.

Do you want to try something new?

How about creating your own digital business!

The options are endless from creating a blog that can be monetised, to becoming a digital editor, photographer, or selling products online.

5. Finance your trip with Airbnb

Yes, I am talking about staying at Airbnb (although it’s not always the most affordable option), but above all, I’m talking about renting your home on this platform.

If you travel to places abroad that are cheaper than your city, such as Thailand, Cambodia, Eastern Europe, etc. you might even be making some good money to finance the entire trip!

But you will need to pay an agent to manage your clients while you are away, and you may have to invest the difference earned by paying him.

But in most cases, it still is a win-win!

6. Make the most of the points you add up using your credit card

If you use your credit card smartly you can accumulate a fairly considerable number of points that you can allocate to your plane trip.

The same applies if you always try to travel with the same airline or group of airlines.

Over time, you will accumulate points that will translate into free travel or free accommodation.

Yes, being loyal ends up paying up!

7. Exchange your skills for a free stay.

Start by identifying your best ability.

Are you a good photographer?

At upkeeping homes?

Are you a good painter?

Can you cook?



Whatever it is, try proposing an exchange.

How about I take awesome pictures for your website in exchange for one or two nights stay?

You will be surprised to find out how receptive the owners of certain establishments can be, especially the smaller properties!


8. Save

Do you need to have those three lattes in the fancy coffee shop downstairs every day?

Or do you need to order pizza at home once a week?

Do you have to take the subway or can you leave home ten minutes earlier and walk to wherever you’re going?

Three lattes each business day, at an average of 4$ each, total $1,040 per year.

One pizza a week, at $15, another $780.

A subway ticket every day is $260 per year.

Do you know how much you can travel with the additional $2080 a year?

Want to go to the movies?

Go on Spectator’s day.

Do you know your telephone, electricity, internet, etc. providers? Are they offering you the best possible prices?

Analyse every detail because you could save yourself a lot of money.

No, I’m not asking you to obsess over that wonderful trip and not enjoy your present.

I only suggest you make some small adjustments that can create a very significant difference in your long-term finances.

Also, walking instead of taking the subway is great for you!


As you can see, it’s all possible!

Sometimes, it’s harder to get rid of all that very heavy weight in our mind than to pack up, grab that suitcase and start the adventure.

So don’t let your finances get in the way of your dreams, my dear Nomad@50!

Lots of love!