Slow Travel and Experiences for Over 50s

No, for the Nomad@50 is not about counting countries. It’s not about showing off visited destinations in Instagram. That’s not it.

Slow Travelling is about tasting, getting lost, observing, learning, communicating, interacting, discovering. Without hurrying, without pressure. As though you were living in slow motion. Seeking the beauty in every day’s little things.

Find out how in this section!

How to deal with the unexpected when travelling at 50+

Car crash and flight cancelled due to airport closure. Boom! Two relatively serious incidents in less than 5 days! And, it could have been a lot worse because some of the roads in the Slovenian mountains are nearly impossible to navigate! And, fortunately, the Vueling team in Venice where we[...]

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Why we should all become Swedish Fika professionals at 50+

Suddenly, the world has discovered Fika. The world lives the Fika revolution, as it once lived the Abba revolution! And yet, for Sweden, Fika is the most normal thing in the world. In their book Fika: the Swedish art of having a coffee, Anna Bronnes and Johanna Kindvall describe the[...]

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How to fully enjoy a long flight at 50+

Not a fan of long flights? Does the idea of ​​being trapped for 14 hours in a winged box give you the chills? Don’t like having to deal with the jetlag that comes after a long-distance trip? If that’s the case, it’s time to change attitude! Yes, because, believe me,[...]

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