Health and fitness for over 50s

While it’s not my profession, it certainly is one of my biggest passions! I come from a family of soccer and athletics trainers and I myself have a certificate in personal training, I’ve run several half marathons and I’ve trained every day for decades! And that’s because I’m convinced that you can’t live a happy life and enjoy those little Big moments without incorporating exercise into your daily routines.

In this section I share valuable, contrasted information that will help you feel strong and energised.

(Always remember to consult your health professional before putting into practice any of these tips).

Five keys to stronger Joint Cartilages for the over 50s

We’ve been very fortunate to have Joan Rodriguez, from write this article for the Nomad@50 community. Joan has been personal trainer to Olympians and other elite athletes and he has also trained teams in the Spanish first división league, La liga. Thanks Joan!     If your mechanic was[...]

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How to sleep better when traveling at 50+

I consider myself very fortunate. I have never had trouble sleeping. Well, no, that’s not true! I have never had trouble sleeping except when I travel from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere – that is from Europe> Australia. And age seems to be making it a lot more[...]

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How to fully enjoy a long flight at 50+

Not a fan of long flights? Does the idea of ​​being trapped for 14 hours in a winged box give you the chills? Don’t like having to deal with the jetlag that comes after a long-distance trip? If that’s the case, it’s time to change attitude! Yes, because, believe me,[...]

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Why you should start practicing ballet at 50+!

The Royal Academy of Dance - a UK-based examination board specialising in dance education and training - recently created a completely new divison. They call it "Silver Swans". And as you might imagine, it's targeted towards people over 50, like you and me. 😁 In Scotland, another well-known dance group[...]

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