Las 20 apps de viaje imprescindibles para el/la explorador/a Nomad@50

It’s true – we spend far tooo much time stuck to technology.


Yes, even those of us who have crossed the five zero threshold.

Have a look at this chart:

Las 20 apps de viaje imprescindibles para el/la explorador/a Nomad@50
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It shows that in April 2019 young people between 25-34 years spent most time roaming around Facebook.

But we were not too far behind.

If you add the three age groups: 45-54, 54-64 and 65+, we “so-called digital seniors” come close to 10% of all users.

And that’s not too shabby at all!

So, whoever is spreading the rumour that our generations are too late to gain access to technology, is absolutely wrong.

And so because I know you are very capable and very willing to handle technology, today I wanted to share the must-have apps that every 50+ explore needs in their Smartphone when wandering around this world (except when you make the conscious decision to submit yourself to a good old technological detox).


20 must-have travel apps for the over 50 explorer



And by Google I mean this almighty entity which we trust implicitly in all its manifestations:

Ø  Google Maps: Getting lost accidentally in a new place is over! Especially if you’re driving into or out of a large city! That nightmare is now history!

Ø  Google Translate: it translates any text, handwriting, camera or audio, and you can also download different languages ​​to access the translator when you have no internet connection.

Ø  Google Drive: do you have to do the odd job while travelling? Save all your documents to Google Drive and easily access and share them from wherever you are.

Ø  Google Keep: keen to write down your travelling impressions? Want to share them with your family and friends? Google Keep transcribes your messages and organises receipts, photos and more.

Ø  Google Trips: This app shares personalised tours, guides and maps, and recommend restaurants and/or monuments near your accommodation. It also gathers all your trip’s information from your Gmail account and stores it easily offline so you can access it with or without Wi-Fi.


Packing Pro

Packing pro

If you are a freak of organisation and order, this app is about to become your new best friend 🙂

With Packing Pro you’ll have a checklist with all the items you need to pack in your suitcase broken down by category.

You just have to tell it many days you plan to travel, where you’re going, what the weather is supposed to be, if you’ll have access to a washing machine or not, if you are going to the beach, etc …

With this information, the app offers a provisional list of clothing, footwear and other potential needs, which you can modify and save.

In addition to the packing lists, the application also reminds you of other important issues that you should consider before travelling, such as renewing your passport, getting vaccinations or buying a first aid kit.


Skiplagged and Kayak


Las 20 apps de viaje imprescindibles para el/la explorador/a Nomad@50


Once you’re ready to book your transportation and accommodation, Skiplagged and Kayak will help you find the best rates and deals, comparing on hundreds of digital travel platforms.

Both applications offer very easy to use search functions, and have ingenious filter options that allow you to select the most important features for you, such as free breakfast, swimming pool, gym, free parking, etc.


Roadtrippers app

An app designed for road trips – it doesn’t only plan your route but it also allows you to book your accommodation along the way.

It is a free app especially useful for finding interesting and unusual places as you go along your journey.

It also helps you find options to eat, which you can mark as favourites to return whenever you want.




Rome2Rio App

With Rome2rio you can search any city, town, landmark, attraction or address and find out the easiest way to get from A to B.


Happy Cow


Happy Cow App

The happy cow will locate vegetarian and vegan food anywhere in the world for you. You can search by type of restaurant, view photos and read user comments.




Elk cambiador de moneda

A very minimalist currency converter that allows you to easily change currencies simply by sliding to the right and left of the screen. Because it’s super important to know how much you spend at all times when you’re travelling (unless you belong to the 1% and couldn’t care less!)



Nomadizers app

Would you rather not travel alone?

In Nomadizer you can select a person or group of persons that share common interests with you to continue your journey together!



Airhelp app


Problems with the airline? Have you lost your connection? Have they cancelled your flight? Tell the Airhelp experts and they will solve your problem, and even try to find a way to compensate you if possible.



Airbnb App

It doesn’t need any introduction, but it’s an essential app to bear in mind.

You can rent a local person’s entire home or you can rent one of their rooms while they live there.

You’ll have access to their kitchen and the possibility of living like a local, usually at more affordable prices than hotels, although it depends on the cities and the dates.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight App


HotelTonight offers incredible last-minute discounts on hotel rooms that are not occupied for the night. It is super easy to use and it will take you two minutes to book a room. You can also see the reviews and photos of other travellers.



Detour App

Detour offers a fantastic GPS-guided audio experience in 17 cities around the world. Each tour is narrated by a person who knows that city like the palm of their hand. They currently have tours of San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Washington DC, Boston, Portland, Savannah, Charleston, Chicago, Rome, Berlin, Marrakech, London, Paris and Barcelona.


Trail Wallet


Trail wallet app


Trail Wallet adds the expenses of your trip. You can organise them either by trip or by month, set a daily budget and easily add expenses. When you receive an invoice or a receipt, you take out your iPhone, enter the amount using the QuickAdd screen and voila, everything is under control!



M Trip App Guias de Viaje


mTrip offers travel guides from cities around the world, including maps and offline navigation, allowing you to access all the information any time without having to download any data.

In addition, you can create a unique and personalised travel itinerary that reflects your interests, travel dates, geographic location, pace preference, opening hours and evaluations of other travellers.



Zomato App


Available in 24 countries, Zomato helps you find restaurants with detailed reviews, full menus, photos of the decoration and dishes, and the average price of a meal for two people.


Are there any other travellin apps for the over 50 adventurer you’d add to this list?

We’d love to hear from you!